Government of Nepal has made the expansion and strengthening of various cultural exchange activities through the Japan Foundation and other institutions a major part of its diplomatic efforts. In promoting Cultural Exchange, Honorable Minister of His Majesty’s Government, Mr. Mod Nath Prashrit, Ministry of Education, Culture and Social Welfare have recommended for the construction of “Replica of Swyambhu Temple” in Theme Park, Japan on dated 1st May 1995 (18th Baishak 2052). Earlier, this project was going to completed by A.S.C.A. HORIN OVERCEASE CULTURE EXCHANGE and A.S.C.A. HORIN CENTER at Japan.

Twenty four years ago, His Majesty’s Government have recommended for the construction of “Replica of Swyambhu Temple” in Theme Park Project at Japan to introduce that “Nepal is the birthplace of Lord Buddha who is known as the Light of Asia”. But unfortunately, His Majesty’s Government’s recommendation was on shadow from past 24 years due to political change in Nepal.

On dated 9th January 2016 (25th Poush 2072) Non Profit Organization, ASCA Overseas Cultural Exchange, Tokyo, Japan wrote the letter to the Office of Vice President on the subject of constructing a replica of the Swyambhu Nath Temple in Japan for cultural exchange. Thereafter on the behalf of Nepal Government, on dated 24th February 2016 (12th Falgun 2072) Mr. Nanda Bahadur Pun “Pasang” Vice-President of Nepal have also recommend and agreed the letter of Mr. Mod Nath Prashrit, the then Minister of Education and Culture of Nepal on May 1, 1995 for lauding and recommending to construct the Swyambhu Nath Temple in Japan.